Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hump Day Bump Day March 31 2010

This blog post marks the first week that ALL of us are officially into the second trimester, congrats girls!!  What an exciting week.  Well, let's get to THE BUMPS!

***13 Weeks***
spcsah2000 - 13 weeks 4 days

RyanNSara - 13 Weeks 5 Days

jatilly - 13 Weeks 6 Days

***14 Weeks***

shay2181 - 14 Weeks

hollowstar - 14 Weeks

KenzieRose - 14 Weeks

mindyandmike - taken @ 14 Weeks 6 Days

Ragdolls - 14 Weeks 6 Days

sillie1020 - 14 Weeks

Mrs.JL - 14 Weeks

***15 Weeks***

EMZimm08 - 15 Weeks belly and DS!!

Veebug22 - At 12 Weeks and 15 Weeks 1 Day

kjg5445 at 10 Weeks and 15 Weeks

***16 Weeks***

Ktkeeps - Taken at 16 Weeks - It's a GIRL!

jps85 - 16 Weeks 4 days

BeccaBabyBecca - 16 Weeks

***17 Weeks***

Ktbrown711 - 17 Weeks 3 Days

Aloe01 - 17 Weeks - Bump pic straight from her BABYMOON! Have fun ;)

Katielisa777- 17 weeks 1 day

Renee428 at 14, 15, & 17 Weeks AND her 15 week Ultrasound... It's  GIRL!

southernqtpie - 17 Weeks

TeacherTiff at 7 Weeks & 17 Weeks

JustCassidy - 17 Weeks 6 Days

coleyfresh - 17 Weeks

Alison5437 - 17 Weeks

CoachBaby - 17 Weeks 3 Days

ckettenb - 17 Weeks 1 Day 

***18 Weeks***

blissandbaby - 18 Weeks

And last but not least, we have a mystery baby bump from Alicia, would you take a gander at this lovely bump and guesstimate how far along she is in the comment section?  And if you are Alicia, would you e-mail us at and let us know where you were in this pic?

Thank you all for the pictures, keep em coming!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poll results: Are you going to find out the sex?

Looks like we have some impatient ladies on this board...or maybe you're just planners, like me!

  82 (78%)
  17 (16%)
Still not sure!
  5 (4%)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Hump Day Bump Day

I love it when Wednesday rolls around! My ticker change day is Friday, so it means I'm soooo much closer to the next week. :) Not to mention that my work week is half over...AND we get to do Hump Day Bump Day!

I can't believe that we already have people on the board finding out gender! It blows my mind that we're at that point already. Has the second trimester been flying for everyone?

Without further adieu, let's get onto our beautiful bumps!

This is an old one - a vintage 10 week bump!


Lots of 13 week bumps!



kenzierose (at 12 and 13 weeks!)


shay218 at 13 weeks and 13w3d - Happy 2nd tri!

sillie2010, another 13w3d'er - but this one with TWINS!


 jatilly (technically at 12w6d)

Happy 2nd tri, ladies!  Next up, our 14 week bellies!




samanthat09 (at 14w5d)

Moving right along, we have our...15 week bellies!






StephanieEspo at 14 and 15 weeks


StefB28 15w5d!

We have 4 month-ers! Can you believe it? Here are our 16 week bellies:



morelvetoyou (can we adopt this as our board motto?)


kaylsasmommy86 at 15 and 16 weeks


And believe it or not, we're already on 17 week bellies.

Technically this first picture of justcassidy is 16w6d, but I'm throwing her in here with the 17 weekers. 



lrachelle80 (technically 16w7d but I'm promoting myself)

You ladies ALL look amazing!  I love seeing everyone's bumps grow. :)  Don't forget, you can already start sending in pics for next week's post. 

If anyone is interested in helping run the blog, we're looking for one more person! Shoot us an email and we'll get you the information!